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The islands

Coco Island

Coco Island is a small and preserved Island which is a perfect snorkelling location and was designated as an underwater national park in 1996.

You will enjoy snorkelling there with sea turtles, eagle rays and all types of colourful fishes. When the sea is calm you can also explore this unique island and its beautiful beach which is the home of many birds.

Sister Island
Sister Island is about 20 minutes boatride from La Digue. This beautiful island has a wonderful garden with a lot of palm trees, granite rocks and some friendly giant tortoises. The garden separates the two beaches of the island which are only 5 minutes by foot from each other. The beach in front of the island is mainly for snorkelling while the other beach is popular for swimming. Its considered by the people as maybe the most beautiful beach in the world because of its white sand, clear blue water of course the unique shaped granite rocks. You can swim there with turtles, eagle rays and all the multiple coloured fishes.
Félicité Island

Located 4 kms east of La Digue, Félicité is another granitic Island with lush vegetation which used to be famous for its coconut plantation.

It is another most beautiful underwater Marine Park which is considered an outstanding snorkelling spot. In addition to all of the mulitcoloured fishes you might swim with small reef sharks which are for sure more shy than you.

The charm and beauty of Félicité will make for long lasting memories.

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